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New GST Policy

New Govt. Rule: Starting 1st Oct, 2023, 28% GST will apply on deposits on Online Gaming platforms.

Note: The deposit amount you add to your account will be inclusive of 28% GST.

A player who deposits ₹100 will receive ₹78.12 in their account after a 28% GST deduction of ₹21.88.

But don't worry! Play Rummy, Worry-free!

Color Rummy will give you a 100% cashback for the GST paid by you.


1.What is the new GST Rule?

As per the new GST rule passed by the Govt., 28% GST will apply on deposits on Online Gaming platforms from 1st Oct, 2023. Don’t worry! You will get 100% GST Cashback on all deposits! Here’s how it will work - Let's say you add ₹ 1000 on Color Rummy. GST Amount = 28% of Deposit Amount = ₹ 218.75 (28% of ₹ 781.25) Color Rummy will give you Cashback in your deposit balance = (+ ₹ 218.75) You can use the deposit balance to enter Cash Games. Keep depositing worry-free!

2.Will I get my GST amount back?

No, the GST amount is collected from you on behalf of the government and cannot be refunded to you.

3.Will GST apply on my Withdrawal Balance?

No, GST will apply on the amount that you deposit.

4.Do I get a GST invoice?

Yes, you will get a GST invoice for all your deposits. You can check it from "Account" >> Statement >> Invoice >> Put a date range & 'check'

5.Is GST applicable on every entry fee that I pay to entre a game table or is it applicable only at the time of depositing money to my account?

No, GST is not applicable on the entry fee used to enter a cash game. It is only applicable on the money that you deposit.

6.Do I still have to pay TDS?

Yes. Whenever applicable, both GST and TDS need to be paid. All players deposit shall be subject to GST at the rate of 28% to the government on every deposit (Add Cash) from 1st October 2023 onwards. This is applicable for all players on online money gaming apps. TDS is applicable on net winnings during withdrawals and is separate from the GST on Add Cash.

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